My Ticket Project: Attempt #1

So a few months ago, I got an idea from Avi Miller, Baltimore ballhawk and big bobblehead collector to wallpaper my bedroom with tickets from professional sporting events.

So, I started collecting tickets and picking them up at games I attended. I also traded for a lot of them on Twitter.

Today I tried to start framing some up, since doing my entire room was going to be impossible.

I cleaned the frame:


And it looks less sticky and nasty:


So I started adding tickets:


And after a while, it was filling up!


So, I put the back on the frame:


Flipped it up, and they all fell.


So, I’m gonna have to find a different way to frame them.

Should have Attempt #2 soon enough! I’ll be watching some baseball tonight so I might post about it. Till next time!

I’m Back!

Well guys,

I’m back! Sorry the blog basically disappeared for a while. But I’m making a comeback! Hopefully I’ll have lots of offseason material to post and then restart with game posts as well as starting Vlogs when baseball season kicks in. I’ll also post about my school football games I’ll go to. Hopefully, I can convince a member of my family to take me to a Gwinnett Gladiators hockey match during the offseason too. I’ve never been to a hockey game but I think it would be really cool.

To end this entry, I’ll show you guys a cool picture I took at Disney World this past week. My dad and I are at a baseball themed hot dog restaurant called “Casey’s Corner” in the Magic Kingdom. It was amazing. The dogs were great, and the atmosphere was incredible.


Thanks for reading, and I’ll post something again soon!

Here’s the plan man!

My life has been chaos the past two weeks. My mom had 4 doctors appointments scheduled for the first week we were out of school. Then the weekends have been packed with events. But, I’ve been to 2 MiLB games in the past two weekends. I was able to attend a game in Chattanooga TN on June 2nd and I attended a Doubleheader in Rome GA, which is my home park as you frequent readers know. I’m also attending my first Atlanta Braves game of the season on this coming Monday.

Anyway, I decided to try something different with how I do my posts. Ill post a stadium overlook/review before I post my normal blog post about the game. So as a example, I’ll post a stadium review for AT&T Field in Chattanooga and then post my blog entry about the game I attended in Chattanooga. I’ll post a stadium review of a Defunct stadium, be It MLB or MiLB, and then I’ll post my State Mutual Stadium review and the post for the games I attended on Saturday.

Hopefully I can start typing up my Stadium review for AT&T Field tonight or possibly during the day today (not going to risk my computer during this storm that just came through. I’m posting this from the Mobile App).

Thanks for reading and until next time, Stay Safe and GO BRAVES!

Question for my Readers

Hey Guys,

I have a question for you all.

Would any of you be interested in blog posts about former MLB stadiums that aren’t used anymore?

My first would be Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium.

Until next time, Be safe and GO BRAVES!

Farmin’ Braves Style Update

Hey guys,

I want to start by apologizing for my lack of updates in the past weeks. My schoolwork took over my life for the last month or so of the year and it made it very difficult to find time to blog. I’ve been to 2 MiLB games in the time between my Opening Day Post  and this post. But today, I completely wiped my iPod, which means I lost all my pictures from those two games. I’ll just give you a quick overview of my stats from those two games.

4/20/2013 at State Mutual Stadium:

3 Baseballs

1 pair of BP Cleats

An unbroken Game used bat from Rome Braves 1st Baseman Edison Sanchez.

5/6/2013 at State Mutual Stadium

6 baseballs (including a Josh Elander Home run ball I found behind the Stadium postgame)

Lineup Card from the Hagerstown Suns Postgame


Sadly, those are the only pictures I still have from the game and the items I got from the games.


But, on a much more positive note, I have a great schedule ahead of me game wise in the next 3 Weeks!

This coming Sunday, June 2nd, I will be going to Chattanooga with my dad to see my first Southern League game. The Chattanooga Lookouts are playing host to the Mississippi Braves on Sunday at 5:15pm EST. I will be there much earlier then 5:15 though. I hopefully am getting some great seats thanks to a Twitter friend, @thebouldinstein. Drop him a follow. He’s a great guy! Also, Mississippi’s radio broadcaster, Kyle Tait, offered to get me and my dad into the stadium early, whenever we arrive! So, I am going to be able to have a good conversation with Kyle about the Broadcasting  profession (that is my dream job, calling MiLB or MLB games). I may be able to be INSIDE the stadium for batting practice. That would be pure heaven for a ballhawk like me!

I’m also attending the June 8th Rome Braves Game. They are being opposed by the Savannah Sand Gnats.

On June 17th, I’m going to be ballhawking Turner Field for the first time! I am attending the Mets- Braves game on a Monday, so hopefully there won’t be much competition. That will be a very fun game!

Hopefully tomorrow, I’ll have something else to post for you guys!


Until next time, Be safe, have fun, and GO BRAVES! (and Orioles, Athletics, and Pirates)




Opening Day! 4/6/2013 at State Mutual Stadium

I couldn’t believe it was finally here! Opening Day is truly one of the most amazing days in a baseball fan’s year. And I was on my way to my first Opening Day MiLB game! My family, my friend Alex and I were heading to Rome,GA to see the Rome Braves play the Savannah Sand Gnats at State Mutual Stadium. We got there about 4 minutes before the gates opened and me and Alex got in line at Gate 1. This was our view when the gates were about to open.




Not a soul there.Well, after standing there for 3 minutes after the gates opened, we figured out that they weren’t going to open Gate 1! Thanks a lot Rome! So, we booked it over to the Main Gate and jumped in line and got in five minutes after the gates had opened.  We ran down to the third base side and started collecting autographs.

Here is my team ball with 10 signatures on it.



and Shae Simmons being a loner on one panel.


I got Lucas Sims to Single sign and sweetspot a baseball and sign a Ice Cream Helmet.



I want to say that Lucas was incredibly nice and signed for over 10 minutes, making sure everyone got a signature in some shape,form, or fashion! Thanks Lucas!

I also got a single signed sweetspot baseball by Jose Peraza.


Tyler Tewell also signed a set of Ice Cream Helmets for me. Thanks Tyler!


The coolest thing was meeting former Cy Young Award Winner and current Sand Gnats Pitching Coach Frank Viola. I got two cards (One of which is a friends), and a 1982 Minnesota Twins Yearbook with Coach Viola in it! Thank a bunch Coach!

The Yearbook


My Card and Coach Viola’s Rookie Card


I failed to photograph Billy’s card. Sorry Billy!

During the pregame warmups, I got Edison Sanchez to toss me his warmup ball! I was on the board at the first game I had ever attempted to ballhawk at!


This was the only decent picture I took during the Game. Jose Peraza was on first base following a walk.


In the Bottom of the Second Inning, Edison Sanchez hit a foul ball off the suite in the section over,bounced off a seat, hit some steps and a railing, and spun across a staircase right to MY DAD!!!!!


He gave it to me, and I decided to count it as my second ball of the season! If you fellow ballhawks think that I shouldn’t count it, please let me know in the comments. That was my final ball of the day sadly. But, I bought a really cool 2012 Southern Atlantic League Playoff shirt for only $5!

My mom took these really cool panoramas during the game.





All in all, It was a great day and incredibly fun! I also went to a game last night that I’m going to blog about. Expect that either tonight or tomorrow!



2 balls in 1 game- 2.0 per game

1 consecutive game with 1 ball

1 consecutive game with 2 balls

5 Lifetime MiLB baseballs

6 Lifetime baseballs (MLB and MiLB)



My first 10 Days on MLBlogs

Well, I would say my first 10 days on MLBlogs have been VERY successful! 

50 views in 10 days? 5 views a day and I’ve posted 3 times? That’s GREAT for me. My first step to what I hope will be a MLBlogs Top 100 Blog!

Thank you to all the viewers and Expect a Stadium Breakdown of 1 Braves Minor League Team Tonight and two next weekend in anticipation of Opening Day!






3/16/2013 at State Mutual Stadium


I locked up tickets for my first MiLB game of the Year!!!!

My mom and I went up to State Mutual Stadium, home of the Rome Braves, to pick up tickets for Opening Night at State Mutual and to shop at the Redneck Rummage Sale that they were having at the stadium.

We drove the 45 minutes up there and got to the Stadium about 11:35. I was a bit worried that all the good seats for Opening Night might have been bought up before we got there, because the Tickets went on sale on the team website at 9:00am.

We went to the Box Office and got seats in section 203, row 5, seats 1-4. Not really knowing if they were the greatest seats, I kinda just went out on a limb, knowing that there really wasn’t a bad seat in State Mutual.

Here’s a few pics from outside the Stadium we took before we bought our tickets.



I was able to pick up a TON of baseball cards, including 3 Relics and 2 Autograph Cards. My relic cards were Nick Swisher, Brian Jordan, and Horacio Ramirez. The two autographs were Clint Sammons and Gorkys Hernandez. I picked up $93 worth of cards…… FOR $8!

Before we left, I found an open gate where you could go into the stadium to eat at the BBQ restaurant inside the park, Bubba’s BBQ Barn. They had it gated but there was a gap so walked on in.

My mom snapped some really good pics of different things in the stadium.

Here is the scoreboard from the 1st base side of the Stadium.


Here is a picture of Home Plate from down the 1st Base Line


This is a view of Home Run Hill. I like to hang around out here when get tired of sitting in my seat. Never caught a Home Run out there though. Came really close though. A ball came down into foul territory within about 3 feet of me as I stood at the foul pole.


Here is a picture of the main seating area. There are more seats down the left and right field lines that are not pictured. In those sections are the best spots to get autographs pregame.


Even though I probably wasn’t supposed to, I went up into the seating bowl to find where our seats would be on Opening Day. What I found really surprised me! Even though the tickets say that our seats were row 5, Row 5 was the 1st row of the ENTIRE SECTION! We had just $6 per seat for the greatest seats I will have ever sat in for an MiLB GAME!

Here is the view I’ll have on Opening Night!


Though not the best seats for getting foul balls, I’ll be moving around a lot. Ill probably hang in my seat for no more than 4 innings. I like walking around at State Mutual. There is just SO MUCH to do and see.

Well, It was a great day and I’m looking forward to Opening Night!

Till next time, GO BRAVES!

My first MiLB game for this season!

Hey guys,

Figured I’d let tune y’all in on when my first MiLB game of the season will be!

I plan to attend the Home Opener for the Rome Braves at State Mutual Stadium!!! You can check out their website here:

Normally we sit in sections 204 or 206, but I might try something different.

This is the seating Chart for State Mutual Stadium. We normally sit in the Box Seats, which has a great view of the Field. This is a fan picture from section 206 where we Normally sit.

There really isn’t a bad spot in the park to just sit down and watch some quality professional baseball.


On Opening Day, the Braves play the Savannah Sand Gnats, who are the Single-A affiliate of the New York Mets. What’s very cool about this matchup is that I was able to contact former Mets and Twins Pitcher Frank Viola through Twitter and plan to meet him before the game to get some cards signed!

Hopefully, in the coming weeks and months I’ll have other games to report to you guys about!

But until then, have fun, watch some baseball, and GO BRAVES!!!!

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my blog guys.

My name is Joe Webster and I am a HUGE Atlanta Braves fan! I love baseball and everything about it. I hope to use this blog to talk about the ins and outs of the Braves minor league system. I’ll attend hopefully 3-5 Braves minor league games. Most will be at State Mutual Stadium, Home of the Rome Braves, Single-A Affiliate of the Atlanta Braves. I hope to attend a game in Chattanooga to see the Chattanooga Lookouts play the Mississippi Braves. I’ll be doing player profiles, a daily rundown of the Farm’s scores and any exciting news or transactions. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do a few interviews with players through email or maybe in person. I’ll link videos of important events in the minor league team’s games. Expect daily updates and if you follow my blog, I’ll follow back!

Thanks ahead of time for your support,


Joe Webster